Mission and Approach

In 2018, we will be celebrating 50 years as one of the leading and longest serving non-governmental organizations dedicated to the strengthening of parliamentary democracy in Canada and around the world – a feat few other organizations in our field have achieved.

The world is a lot more complex today than it was 50 years ago. We’re experiencing a democracy gap; the likes of which we’ve never seen before. People everywhere are clamoring for the right to participate, to be heard and to become stakeholders in their own governance. To be successful at managing necessary change, it means developing decision making processes that are far more inclusive in nature. It means involving citizens, who have more access to knowledge than ever before.

This is why we need strong legislatures; to guide strong communities, and build better democracies.

With this in mind, the Parliamentary Centre set out to develop a new three year Strategic Plan that would reflect our new priorities and position in the evolving field of good governance. From this new strategy, a new mission, a new vision, and new values to guide its implementation emerged; to help pave the way for the Centre’s future role in democratic governance.

Democratic systems and good governance rely on strong and vibrant legislatures that will voice the interests of the people and hold government to account.






To read the Parliamentary Centre’s new strategic plan, click here.



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