Parliaments and Lawmaking

The legislative function is one of the key areas of responsibility for parliaments. Legislation can either be initiated by the executive or drafted by individual MPs. As part of the democratic process, parliaments are to deliberate all legislation and also have the power to amend, approve or reject government bills.

Legislative Drafting and Review

In order for parliamentarians to be able to effectively shape laws and policies that reflect the interests of the people they represent, they need to have the capacity to quickly draft, analyze and review legislation and amendments. They also need to be able to assess the exact scope and impact of any policy changes from various perspectives. The Parliamentary Centre works with parliamentarians and parliamentary staff to build their capacity in legislative drafting and review. This is especially important at the committee level, where members carry out in-depth analysis and debate issues.

Legislative Research and Analysis

Parliamentarians need to have access to timely, up-to-date, accurate and well-researched information in order to be able to assess legislation and policies in an efficient, correct and impartial manner. In addition to the support that committee staff can provide, the Parliamentary Centre assists legislatures in developing strong parliament-based research services, as well as effective library and information systems. The Centre provides capacity building for research staff to understand the specific needs of parliamentarians and on how to identify, consolidate and present information in a user-friendly form. The Centre also assists in building strong linkages with external experts and civil society organizations that can provide support and needed expertise, as well as to facilitate public participation during the legislative process.



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