Other Publications

The Parliamentary Centre Strategy – 2013 – 2015

This strategic plan provides the Centre with a clear direction for the next three years and will guide its priority-setting.

Date: 2012

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Gender Strategy: ECOWAS Parliament 2010 – 2020

Although most African states are signatories of well-known documents on gender equality, the real impact of these international instruments on women`s lives has been limited and variable. Gender disparities are still prevalent in West African countries. The 1st West African Women’s Policy Forum held in Accra, Ghana on December 2 to 3, 2008 signaled the need for a comprehensive gender strategy for the implementation of key issues in the policy. The forum brought together over 50 participants from West Africa including women’s groups, networks, women in government, gender machineries, and ECOWAS. The following strategy materialized from these engagements.

Date: December 2010

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