The knowledge exchanges are of interest to me and will determine my future action as a parliamentarian. Canada’s commitment to the women issues fits with my deep-rooted conviction and my strong commitment, let’s work together in that direction. I am very satisfied with this visit.

Hon. Assétou Fofana/Yameogo, National Assembly of Burkina Faso

The meetings and presentations gave me a better understanding of the efforts needed to improve performance, particularly in terms of analysis of text, committee work and parliamentary oversight. The various exchanges have strengthened my desire to further commit myself to defend the interests of my constituents and to get closer to them in order to increase citizen participation.

Hon. Marie Rose Romée Sawadogo/Ouedraogo, National Assembly of Burkina Faso

This visit allowed me to have another perspective on parliamentary work. It inspires us to improve our practices in Parliament. The roundtable on the governance of the mining sector was one of the best moments for us to shape our vision for these non-renewable resources.

Hon. Rossan Noel Goakun Toe, National Assembly of Burkina Faso

On a personal level, this visit allowed me to better organize and invest more in my work. I acquired knowledge on how to formulate questions to the government, how to set up and run a women’s committee, and the work of an MP in their constituency.

Hon. Karidia Zongo/Yanogo, National Assembly of Burkina Faso

I know that there are many women in my sub-village who do not have the courage to speak in the village forums but have very good ideas. With (this) SMS program I can freely share my concerns.

Feedback by a woman from Tunjungtirto, Indonesia on the use of an innovative SMS platform to break down traditional barriers for women’s participation in decision making under the “Our Voice” pilot project.

In terms of capacity development, I do not believe there is any other institution that has been as helpful as the PC. The skills of our members today are a result of the support PC has provided. Our flagship activity, the public hearing, is now televised as one of the major programs in the country, and it is the brain child of the PC. Overall, the PC has proved to be a very useful ally.

Hon. K. Dapaah, Chairman, Public Accounts Committee of Ghana

The ASP was highly effective in contributing to the development and adoption of new approaches and policies for reforming oversight of expenditures at the national and regional levels in the Russian Federation.

Evaluation of the project Accountability and Strengthening Program in Russia

The Federal Cabinet’s decision to present Budget proposals to Parliamentary Committees by May 2010 to allow in-depth budget review and input by Parliamentary Committees was a triumpth of efforts of all Parliamentarians over the years to reform the Parliamentary Budget Process.

Mrs. Fauzia Wahab, Chairman of the Finance Committee, following the first ever pre-budget consultation, facilitated by the Parliamentary and Political Party Strengthening Program in Pakistan project

…. the project, in addition to including activities aimed at strengthening legislative capacity of parliamentarians and Secretariat staff, has also provided various opportunities for women and parliamentarians of the Senate and the National Assembly to participate in roundtables, workshops, and study tours that enhance our experience in the areas of legislative review and gender analysis.

HE Mrs. Ty Borasy, HH Princess Sisowath Santa, HE Mrs. Ho Naun

This training has opened our eyes to a lot of things that we have hitherto not been privy to about Ghana’s oil find. The general impression among the majority of Ghanaians is that oil has come to solve all our problems, so there is a lot of work for us to do in educating the public and managing public expectations. It is because of this that I am calling for the establishment of a Network of
Reporters of Extractive Industries in order to share knowledge and information in pursuit of this national course.

Issah Shaibu, Chief Editor, Radio Ghana

The findings reported in the presentation are an eye opener. Minerals should act as an eye opener for us as we go into oil production. When the petroleum bills come, we should be more vigilant to secure the best interest of the nation.

Hon. Alfred Abayateye, Member of the Public Accounts & Finance Committees, Ghana

I have understood the budget process very well and the pro-poor budgeting which I did not know has a great impact on me. The ICT aspect was very interesting and practical. The mail merging that I learnt is going to help me a lot in my work schedule. The group work was very effective and we shared a lot of ideas. I have gained more knowledge in preparing my reports on the annual budget estimates. Moreover, I have made an international network of friends for other parliaments.

Participants’ comments following partaking in various training sessions offered under the APRN Support Initiative

It now remains upon me to help parliamentarians fully understand the intricacies involved in the budget formulation, implementation and evaluation so that the level of parliamentarians involvement is made clear and effective. In so doing this will increase the level of participation and meaningful contribution of parliamentarians and staff of parliament.

Participants’ comments following partaking in various training sessions offered under the APRN Support Initiative

My expectations have been met, through discussions and group work. I am able to identify the aspirations of the poor when drafting and scrutinizing a budget. I am able to identify the loopholes of a given budget. Thanks a lot for the workshop!

Participants’ comments following partaking in various training sessions offered under the APRN Support Initiative

The various legal provisions from different countries have helped me understand where our own budgetary process falls short and how the process can be improved. I have also benefited from the experiences of staff of other parliaments on how to enhance my role, in relation to the training program.

Participants’ comments following partaking in various training sessions offered under the APRN Support Initiative

The knowledge and skills of ECOWAS Parliament Members and Staff have been greatly enhanced with supporting evidence of skills and knowledge utilization in conflict prevention and management in relation to the training program.

Evaluation of the project Conflict Prevention through Parliaments (ECOWAS)

The training programme has really capacitated the committee to an extent that the committee is always concerned of political, peace and security of member states. We really follow happenings in each country.

Participant following training on Strengthening the Capacity of the ECOWAS parliament to Prevent and Manage Conflict

I was able to understand the causes of conflicts and how to reduce and overcome them.

Participant following training on Strengthening the Capacity of the ECOWAS parliament to Prevent and Manage Conflict

The Canadian Parliamentary Centre is a major player in terms of research and capacity building, with a focus specifically on parliaments. Nevertheless, their work on parliaments is well-contextualized in a sound understanding of wider political and electoral systems.

Parliamentary strengthening in developing countries – Final Report for DFID, Alan Hudson, ODI and Claire Wren, One World Trust, February 2007


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