Thank you Mauril Belanger!

August 22, 2016

3mauril-belanger1Canada has just lost one of the best parliamentarians in modern history.

The Hon. Mauril Belanger gave our country his full commitment to the parliamentary system, his deep concern for his constituents, his support for people coming from abroad to give their children a prosperous and peaceful future in Canada. His passion for the people of Haiti and Africa, his advocacy work for those in need will be missed by many.

For us at the Parliamentary Centre Mauril was a loyal contributor to our Board. He oriented the Parliamentary Centre towards a more meaningful role in democratic development. His incisive questions where always a source of inspiration for our management.

Mauril was always ready to help and share his deep understanding of Parliament and democratic governance.

We will remember him for his resilience, his courage and his integrity


Thank you Mauril, we will miss you!

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